Cottage’s Board of Directors provides direction for Cottage Health System. Board members serve without pay and guide the system in its mission to provide quality and affordable health care to the communities Cottage serves. The Foundations of Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital, Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, and Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital are governed by separate boards of directors.

2014 Officers

  2014 Board of Directors

Robert E.M. Nourse, Chair
P. Steven Ainsley, Vice Chair
Robert C. Nakasone, Vice Chair

Marshall "Chip" Turner, Vice Chair
Alex Koper II, MD, Secretary


Margaret Baker

Edward Bentley, MD
Jon Clark

Gregory F. Faulkner

Lori Gaskin, PhD
Judith Hopkinson

Dorothy Largay, PhD

Fred Lukas

Gretchen Milligan

Elliot Prager, MD

Thomas D. Watson, MD

Ron Werft, President and Chief Executive Officer
Steven Fellows, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Joan Bricher, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

2014 Board members


Back row: Thomas Watson, MD;  Edward Bentley, MD; Marshall “Chip” Turner;  Robert Nourse; Steven Ainsley; Jon Clark;  Gretchen Milligan


Front row: Fred Lukas; Alex Koper II, MD; Margaret Baker;  Robert Nakasone; Lori Gaskin, PhD;  Elliot Prager, MD; Judith Hopkinson


Not pictured:  Gregory Faulkner; Dorothy Largay