Infection Control at
Cottage Health System


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At Cottage, we take infection control very seriously. Hospital-acquired infections are unacceptable. While we are proud of our low infection rates, we recognize that even one hospital-acquired infection is too many.


We share the details of our infection control program and our infection rates as part of our commitment to transparency and our pursuit of zero hospital acquired infections.




We’re fighting infections so our patients won’t have to.


The Infection Prevention and Control Department is a team of certified infection preventionists, a medical director who specializes in infection control, and 34 trained infection control liaisons. The team meets regularly with a multidisciplinary committee to address every aspect of infection control.


The team carefully tracks and investigates infections in all our facilities. An electronic infection surveillance system assists the team in identifying trends and exposures, allowing it to quickly take corrective action. Infection Control's commitment to patient safety includes several proactive initiatives to reduce healthcare associated infections such as:

  • surgical site infections
  • ventilator associated pneumonia
  • central line associated infections
  • urinary tract infections
  • multiple drug resistant organisms (MDROs) such as MRSA, C-Diff, VRE

The department is also involved in infection control and hand hygiene education for staff and patients, and in assuring  compliance with infection control regulations and legislation.


Cottage's exemplary programs have resulted in CHS's selection as a mentor hospital for the California Hospital Acquired Infection Prevention Initiative (CHAIPI).