Resident Physician Policies and Procedures

Policy Name Number
  Resident Eligibility and Selection 8240.06
  Resident Promotion 8240.11
  Resident Physician Grievance Procedure HR2.075
  Resident Physician Liability Coverage 8240.01
  Resident Physician Leave of Absence 8240.03
  Resident Physician Duty Hours & the Working Environment 8240.10
        • Duty Hours - Internal Medicine Resident 
        • Duty Hours - Radiology Resident  
        • Duty Hours - Surgical Resident  
  Resident Physician Moonlighting  8240.08
  Resident Physician Fatigue  8240.12
  Resident Physician Impairment 8240.02
  Resident Physician House Staff Files 8240.04
  Resident Physician Medical Records Delinquency 8240.05
  Resident Physician Supervision 8240.07
      • Supervision - Internal Medicine Resident
      • Supervision - Radiology Resident  
      • Supervision - Surgical Resident 
      • Transition of Care - Internal Medicine Resident 8240.13
      • Transition of Care - Radiology Resident  
      • Transition of Care - Surgery Resident  
  Residency Closure / Reduction 8240.09
  Residency Program Closure / Interruption Secondary to Disaster 8240.14
  GMEC Composition, Meetings, and Responsibilities 8240.15
  GME Curriculum Policy 8240.16
  GME Evaluation Policy 8240.17
  GMEC Internal Review 8240.18
  DIO Signatory Release 8240.19


Human Resources Policies

Benefits - Insurance and Retirement
Dress Code/Grooming Standards
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Policies Available on the Employee Portal

Drug and Alcohol Impairment

Drug Diversion

Harassment and Retaliation

Physician Code of Conduct

Conflict of Interest

Culture of Patient Safety

Electronic Communication and Data Devices

Patient Care Orders

Reasonable Accommodation

Vendor Credentialing

Media Relations

Sample Resident Contract (Word document)