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Noon Conferences for the Residents are held each weekday. Among the conferences there are a weekly Medical Grand Rounds featuring a nationally or locally prominent speaker, and a daily resident conference covering the gamut of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties, as well as a multitude of other core topics.


Morning Report
Morning Report is attended by all residents and medical students on ward rotations, as well as by other residents when feasible. It is led by a faculty member, customarily Dr. Hosea, and occurs each weekday morning. In a very participatory manner, one or two cases are discussed by the entire group. The focus is on clinical analysis and integration rather than upon dissecting details.


Ward Rotations
Inpatient teams care for all members of the community, with approximately 5%-10% private and 90%-95% non-private patients.


Intensive Care Unit Rotation
With the addition to our staff of Jeffrey Fried, M.D., a full-time hospital-based Intensivist, we have modified our rotations.  We now have a dedicated ICU team which serves as the primary caregivers for MICU patients.  Dr. Fried attends with the team and provides extensive rounds and teaching on a daily basis.


Subspecialty Rotations
Subspecialty rotations are usually four weeks' duration. Residents work closely with a preceptor of their choice, spending the vast majority of their time in the private office of the preceptor. While there, the resident assumes significant responsibility for the care of private patients. The resident also performs initial evaluations and ongoing care of consultations at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital under the supervision of the preceptor. These rotations provide the resident with an excellent opportunity to learn the outpatient procedures regularly performed by specialists. Rotations are available in Santa Barbara in all subspecialty areas.


Ambulatory Care
In addition to a weekly I.M. continuity clinic for all residents, each second and third year resident spends 8 weeks per year at the County Clinic. The ambulatory experience is further enhanced by numerous elective outpatient rotations per year during the second and third years.


Emergency Medicine
Each R1 spends 4 weeks in the Emergency Department supervised by Board Certified Emergency Physicians. The resident has "first contact" with patients across all specialties, diagnoses, and socioeconomic classes. There are currently approximately 45,000 visits annually to our ED.