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The next Psychiatric Grand Rounds will be held on January 14, 2015

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Janauary 14, 2015

12:00 to 1:30 p.m.

Burtness Auditorium
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital (get directions)

A buffet lunch and beverages will be provided.
No RSVP or advance registration is required.



Mindfullness and Compassion in Clinical Practice and in Self-Care: Seven Practices to Cultivate Mindfulness and Compassion in Formal Practice and in Daily Life

Radhule Weininger, Ph.D., Psychologist/Psychotherapist in private practice in Santa Barbara, Mindfulness meditation teacher La Casa de Maria


Cultivation of mindfulness, the nonjudgmental awareness of experiences in the present moment produces beneficial effects on well-being and ameliorates psychiatric and stress-related symptoms. Compassion practices, including compassion for ourselves, improves one’s sense of self, decreases anxiety and depression and improves the relationship a person has with one selves and another. Mindfulness and Compassion meditations have therefore increasingly been incorporated into psychotherapeutic interventions and are becoming an essential part of clinical practice.

In modern day society, with its increased demands on the individual, it has become increasingly apparent that mindfulness and compassion need to be practiced during formal meditation as well as “on the go,” meaning as integrated into our daily lives. Mindfulness and compassion practices are deeply interconnected and are building on each other.

In this presentation, Dr. Weininger will introduce seven compassion practices, three “on the cushion” and four as “on the go”, meaning integrated into our daily lives. The formal meditation practices help to develop a base line of awareness, non-judgmental self-reflection and compassion for oneself and others. The “on the go” practices help to insert for example a Mindful Pause into times, when we have become thrown off balance, and need to center ourselves with a brief practice of mindfulness and self-compassion. The “Compassionate Intention Practice” for example will help a person to re-center on a deeper intention, when one has become thrown off course and confused.

This presentation is designed to introduce self-care skills into clinical practice.  Radhule Weininger, MD. PhD, who had been trained as a physician in Germany and as a clinical psychologist in California, is currently working in private psychotherapy practice in Santa Barbara.  She began her studies of mindfulness meditation during a stay at Black Rock Hermitage in Sri Lanka in 1981. She has continued her studies of Buddhist philosophy and practice since then, and is currently mentored in her teaching by Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. and Alan Wallace, Ph.D.  Radhule teaches mindfulness meditation both as a foundation for spiritual practice and as a tool for healing. She has been exploring how dream-work and mindfulness meditation can work in complementary ways in the therapeutic process, bringing an Eastern and a Western path together.

Dr Weininger and her husband Michael Kearney, MD, a hospice physician, published an article in JAMA magazine in March, 2009, describing how the practice of “Exquisite Empathy” as mindfulness based self-care can prevent burnout and compassion fatigue in health care professionals. Together they teach professionals how to be present in an engaged way, which makes professional life replenishing and meaningful.

Radhule Weininger is also trained to teach “Cultivating Emotional Balance”, a project inspired and guided by the Dalai Lama. CEB workshop leaders will be able to guide others to enhanced emotional health and mental stability into your program of self-care.  Compassion practice can help a clinician to hold her challenges with warmth and understanding. Mindfulness and Compassion practice can help a clinician to build a “Psycho-spiritual-container” for her clinical work.

At the conclusion of the presentation participants will be able to:

• Describe the benefits of mindfulness and compassion practices, “on the cushion” and “on the go.”
• Explain the basic concepts of these seven practices
• Describe how these practices can be useful as part of clinician self-care

Radhule Weininger, MD., PHD, was trained as physician in Germany (1985) and as a  clinical psychologist in California (1990), and currently has a private psychotherapy practice in Santa Barbara.  She began studying mindfulness meditation in 1981, since a stay in Black Rock Monastery/Sri Lanka, and now teaches mindfulness and compassion practice to her clients, patients at a cancer center, to health care professionals especially in end-of-life-care. Radhule teaches Mindfulness meditation retreats at La Casa de Maria Retreat Center. Radhule recently published an article with her husband, Dr. Michael Kearney, a hospice physician, in the Journal of the American Medical Association magazine, describing how the mindfulness-based practice of “Exquisite Empathy” can prevent burnout and compassion fatigue in health care professionals. She teaches three meditation groups on a weekly basis, as well as frequent weekend retreats. Radhule is currently mentored by Jack Kornfield, Ph.D and Alan Wallace, Ph.D. She trained to teach Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB), a training inspired and guided by the Dalai Lama and taught by Paul Ekman and Alan Wallace.  Radhule has travelled during the past three years to Dharamsala/India to study how to bridge Buddhist and Western psychology with Dr. Tsetan, His Holiness’s physician and Mr. Tsepag his translator. It is Radhule’s aspiration to integrate Buddhist and Western psychology so it may relief suffering in modernity. Radhule is currently completing a book on compassion meditations.





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Grand Rounds will take place in Burtness Auditorium, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital - A buffet lunch and beverages will be provided.  No RSVP or advance registration is required.


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