Assistive Technology Center at CRH


The loss of independence associated with disability is often devastating, both physically and psychologically. Assistive technology can help an individual regain independence in activities of daily life such as self-care, communication, work, driving, and recreation.


In order to meet a growing need in the Central Coast region, Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital (CRH) recently expanded its assistive technology services by establishing a comprehensive Assistive Technology Center (ATC).


The ATC offers individuals an introduction to and evaluation of equipment and devices that may be used to maintain and improve functional capabilities of people with impairments and disabilities. CRH's occupational and speech language therapists assess assistive technology needs and provide training on equipment. A neuro-optometrist is available for vision evaluations and the development of treatment plans.


The Assistive Technology Center offers individuals a wide range of choices in assistive technology, including these:

  • Speech synthesizers that help individuals communicate.
  • Computer access with adaptive pointing devices and keyboards, voice-activated systems, and head-controlled systems that make computer use available, even for those with the most severe impairments.
  • Home automation via electronic aids that operate household devices such as the TV, mechanical bed, lights, telephone, and infrared-operated curtains that increase safety and independence.
  • Home safety monitoring systems such as wheelchair and bed alarms that decrease the potential for falls and wandering.
  • Adaptive driving program which provides clinical and on-the-road assessments to determine the ability for safe driving.
  • Neuroprosthetic systems that compensate for upper and lower extremity limb paralysis and weakness caused by central nervous system disorders such as stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Adaptive leisure skills training with the use of a Wii game console to help improve balance, upper-and lower-extremity function, and cognitive and visual skills.  

ATC's services are available for referrals from throughout Southern California.  For additional information about CRH’s Assistive Technology Center, please call Denise Dowd at 805- 569-8999 ext. 82311.