Welcome to the inaugural edition of Neurotransmitter, a publication of Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute in collaboration with leading physicians and select scientists.


Three times each year, you will receive a complimentary copy of Neurotransmitter. Our goal is to provide physicians with neuroscience news you can use. The articles—brought to you by members of our physician community—will include case studies to illustrate real-world scenarios and explain how these cases were managed. In addition, we will invite scientists to write neuroscience articles on topics with clinical applications.


The publication comes at an exciting time as we lay the foundation for Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute. The Institute is the culmination of our efforts to bring together medical professionals with disparate talents but shared interests to work toward a common goal: to improve the quality of care for our patients with neurologic illnesses. For that reason, our initial emphasis will be on our core services—stroke, neuro-trauma, neurovascular / endovascular, brain tumor treatment, and neurospine. Our aim is to become a neuroscience center of excellence.


We welcome your feedback and hope the Neurotransmitter will become an anticipated part of your professional reading.





Thomas H. Jones, MD
Neurosurgeon and Medical Director
Santa Barbara

Neuroscience Institute



•    Director's Letter
•    Saving the Brain 2009
•    Radiosurgery
•    Stroke Center Certification
•    AVM Case Study
•    Diffusion Tensor Imaging
•    Research Tools
  Intramedullary Tumors
  Hans Keirstead

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