Neurovascular Diseases


Neurovascular diseases are the number one cause of adult disability. These diseases are abnormalities of the blood vessels within or supplying blood to the brain or spine, which increases the risk of stroke. The Neurosurgeons affiliated with  the Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute at Cottage Health System (SBNI) have the depth, breadth of knowledge, and skill to care for almost all neurovascular diseases. Many forms of neurovascular disease are treated in either the operating room or interventional suite or a combination of both.

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Below are some links to more in-depth information regarding common neurovascular conditions. In addition to the in-depth information, you will also find recent articles written by our affiliated physicians.



Web pages


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 •  Arnold-Chiari Malformation  
 •  Chiari Malformations


 •  Cavernous Venous Malformation



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