Neurovascular and Neurointerventional Surgery


Bi-planar Angiography


The imaging department at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital is equipped with a state-of-the-art biplanar angiosuite, the only one of its kind on California’s Central Coast.


The Siemens Artis zee ®
( ) uses a cerebral angiogram which allows neurosurgeons more options in providing the right care at the right time. 


Video tour of the
Neuroangiography Suite
with Dr Alois Zauner


Many procedures that use the new system were only possible a few years ago in a more invasive setting in the operating room.



Dr. Alois Zauner, neurosurgeon


The tests and procedures performed with this system offer patients the most accurate and least invasive procedures currently available to treat a wide array of diseases and abnormalities of the neurovasculature.


A multi-disciplinary team approach is used in the care of patients that includes the neurosurgeon, radiological technicians, specialized nurses and case managers.  It is through this multi-disciplinary approach that the highest patient care outcomes are possible.


A few of the many neurological and neurosurgical procedures that benefit from bi-plane angiography:


•    Cerebral and carotid diagnostic and interventional procedures
•    Cerebral Aneurysm

>> Basilar Artery Aneurysm
Case Study #1
>> Basilar Artery Aneurysm
Case Study #2


•    Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)
•    Stroke Care:
  •    Ischemic Clot retrieval

•    Sub Arachnoid Hemorrhage

  •    Stenting
Neurointerventionalists' Toolbox
   •   The Merci Retrieval System
   •   The Penumbra System
   •   NOVA qMRI



To learn more about Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute and specialized stroke services, please contact Gary Milgram, Service Line Director, at (805) 682-7111, ext. 82008.

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