Clinical Research


Research and scholarly activity are some of the capabilities that distinguish large medical centers from smaller hospitals.  The Research Department at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital strives to create an environment for significant and ethical research related to our clinical patient services. Our goal is to enable investigators at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital to make important contributions to the advancement of medicine by participating in research studies.


By participating in clinical studies, staff and patients alike contribute to the advancement of medicine and patient care. Everyone has a role in research: physicians, residents, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory scientists, and other healthcare professionals, all assist in the conduct of clinical studies. Research is a collaborative effort with many rewards. Perhaps the biggest reward is the improvement of patient care.


The Research department at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital has successfully participated in multiple significant multi-centered prospective clinical trials, networking with the best research institutions in the nation. Specialty areas include critical care, surgery, trauma, infection, pain management, cardiology, cerebrovascular conditions (e.g., strokes & aneurysms), pediatric oncology, pulmonary hypertension. In addition to participating in worldwide, multi-site clinical trials, our own medical staff, including our resident physicians, have designed, implemented, presented, and published innovative research projects.


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