Liberty Program Tattoo Removal


The Liberty Program is now managed by American Indian Health & Services.

Certain tattoos can prevent people from entering the job market, pursuing educational opportunities or reaching their full potential. Liberty Program offers individuals a new start by providing laser tattoo removal in exchange for community service.

This is a voluntary program for those wishing to make a positive change in their lives by removing visible antisocial or gang tattoos. Participants must be willing to provide community service in return for each treatment.

People are most often referred to the Liberty Program by friends, employers, school counselors, police officers, health clinics, and probation departments. Clients of the Liberty Program have gone on to enroll in higher education and have secured high paying jobs and opened access to employment opportunities.



Contact information:


The Liberty Program
American Indian Health & Services
(805) 681-5488




American Society for Dermatologic Surgery


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