Trauma Center


Trauma Services


Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital is verified as a Level II Trauma Center for adults and for pediatrics by the American College of Surgeons and Santa Barbara County Emergency Medical Services Agency. This assures our patients the highest level of optimal care. Our trauma center responds to trauma emergencies throughout Santa Barbara County, as well as parts of Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties.


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Our center features:


24-hour in-house coverage by senior surgical residents with immediate attending surgical back-up and supervision


Trauma specialists on call around the clock, including:


 •  emergency physicians

 •  trauma surgeons

 •  neurosurgeons

 •  orthopedic surgeons

 •  anesthesiologists


Complete surgical and diagnostic facilities immediately available


Resources to provide quality burn care


Trauma case management including dedicated trauma
nurse coordinators


Evaluation and treatment are very aggressive during the initial hours of trauma care, eliminating delays. Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital's partnership with AMR (American Medical Response) and CALSTAR (California Shock/Trauma Air Rescue) provides emergency medical transport to the trauma center. Because traumatic injury can affect more than just the body, mental health specialists, social workers, spiritual care services, discharge planners, and rehabilitation therapists also play an important role in recovery.


Quality Care

The goal of the Trauma Program is to improve the quality of care of the trauma patient. Our Trauma Registry and Performance Improvement program participates with national trauma databases. These services provide risk-adjusted benchmarking to Level I and II centers for adult patients, and ranks centers' performance with other participating hospitals. It’s our mission to provide superior trauma care through commitment to our communities and to our core values of excellence, integrity and compassion.


Trauma Clinic

Our Trauma Clinic is a follow-up visit for patients recently under the care of the SBCH Trauma Services. We examine the patients' physical injuries and practice wound care. Other clinical concerns are addressed, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), rehabilitation and pain management.


Injury Prevention

We are dedicated to injury prevention as well as quality trauma care. Falls, motor vehicle collisions, and bicycle related injuries are the top three reasons for admission to the trauma center. Fall related injuries have consistently been the leading cause of injury over the past seven years.


For each trauma patient admitted, our staff determines whether the injury was preventable, treats the patient for preventable factors, and educates the patient about how to remedy risks or avoid those factors.