Center for Wound Management


For most people, wound healing is a natural, uneventful process. But for others, it can become a complex medical problem requiring specialized treatment and care.


For five years, the award-winning Center for Wound Management at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital has been providing a full range of services for effective wound treatment and management of associated medical conditions.


Our expert team of specially trained and licensed physicians and support staff understand that there are many factors that may delay or prevent wounds from healing.


Our comprehensive program for healing problem wounds provides:


Standardized care, via critical pathways, that is cost-effective and improves patient outcomes.


Multi-specialty care team of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals that have advanced training and accreditation in wound care.


Case management approach to care that provides individualized treatment plans and coordination of wound care with ongoing health care.


Wound Assessment

We conduct a complete physical exam and an extensive assessment of the wound site as well as the patient’s medical history and overall health, which allows them to develop an individualized treatment plan.



Patients and caregivers are provided with education on wound care at home and life style adjustments to facilitate the healing process. Effective management techniques for underlying medical conditions are also taught with emphasis given to proper patient compliance.


The treatment team reviews all of the needs of the patient, including wound care products, assistive devices, and at-home wound care. Detailed patient instructions are provided along with a plan for ongoing follow-up.


Treatment Plans

Individualized therapies may include:

 • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy



Nutritional support

Infection management
Occupational and physical therapy
Support surface recommendations

Compression therapy


Discharge Planning

Integrated support services help patients and caregivers cope with the demands of wound treatment regimens and any necessary lifestyle adjustments.


Superior Outcomes

The Wound Care Center significantly exceeded the benchmarks in all areas in 2009 (last year for which complete data is available):

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Surgeons and wound specialists team up for a remarkable recovery.

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Wound Center Earns Gold Seal
from Joint Commission


Center for Wound Management

Two locations:

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital

5333 Hollister Ave., Ste. 111

2028 Village Lane, Ste. 202

(805) 696-7920


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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

What to Expect

Ostomate Resources


Ostomy Pre-Op
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Referring a Patient

The Center for Wound Management recognizes the important role that referring physicians play in successful early diagnosis, treatment, and follow up. As a service that receives referrals from a wide geographic area, the center is dedicated to maintaining contact with referring physicians on an ongoing basis, including full documentation of treatment and progress. Call 696-7920 for referral information.



Category   Benchmark   Wound Center Results


Healing Outcomes

  > 79.5%  


Patient Satisfaction

  > 91.5%  


Outlier Management
(time to heal > 60 days)

  < 32.4%  


Days to Heal

  < 47.4 days  

28 days