Oral and Maxillofacial Therapy

 at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital


Dr. William Arnett, a long-time Santa Barbara resident and maxillofacial surgeon, and Dr. Michael Gunson, his partner at the Arnett Gunson Facial Reconstruction at Santa Barbara, are the only two oral and maxillofacial surgeons anywhere who dedicate their practice solely to facial reconstruction and research in the subspeciality known as orthognathic surgery. They operate exclusively at Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital.


At present, 75 percent of Arnett and Gunson’s patients come to GVCH from outside the tri-county area, evidence of the high regard in which they are held. Jaw function and aesthetics, followed by pain, remain the motivators for this procedure which basically corrects the face, airway and bite.


Given that Arnett and Gunson operate 150 facial reconstructions per year, they have developed leading treatment planning and surgical techniques in this field.


Widely respected in their field, Drs. Arnett and Gunson both trained at UCLA and play a leading role in helping train their colleagues. They have authored numerous articles and Arnett has also published a state-of-the-art textbook on orthognathic surgery that is used throughout the world.