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Naming Opportunities


Campaign Leadership invites prospective donors to review these sample naming opportunities for Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and for the MacDougall Eye Center. Additional recognition options may be designed to address individual and family interests. For more information, please call the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Foundation at (805) 879-8980.


  The New Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital


$25 Million Donation  
   Cottage Women’s & Children’s Services


   Diagnostic and Treatment Center  
$15 Million Donation  
   Cottage Children’s Hospital  
$10 Million Donation  
   Patient Pavilion I  
   Patient Pavilion II Reserved
   Patient Pavilion III Reserved
   Main Pueblo Entrance  
   Energy Center  
   Emergency/Trauma Center  
   Surgical Suite  
$5 Million Donation  
   Air Ambulance Center  
   Auditorium Reserved
   Sky Tower (Helicopter Access)  
   Healing Arts Program  
   SBCH Main Lobby   
   Intraoperative MRI Imaging Suite  
   Cottage Child Care Center Reserved
$2.5 Million Donation  
   Medical/Surgical Unit (6)  
   River of Life    Reserved
   Women’s Services Reserved
   Radiology / Interventional Imaging Reserved
   Children’s Hospital – NICU Reserved
   Day Hospital  
   Adult Critical Care Unit (2)  
   Restaurant / Cafeteria  
   Medical Library    Reserved
   Conference Center Reserved
   Bath Street Entrance  
   6 South Conference Center  
   Surgery / Prep / Post-Anesthesia Care Unit  
   Magnetic Resonance Imaging Room  
   $1 Million Donation  
   Administrative Suite Reserved
   Entryway Fountain Reserved
   Sacred Space Reserved

   Women’s Services – Newborn Nursery       


   Women’s Services – Childbirth Center

   Women’s Services – Antepartum Reserved
   Women’s Services – Mother / Infant Care  
   Cardiac Catheterization Lab Reserved
   Rehabilitation Therapy Services    Reserved
   Laboratory / Anatomical Pathology  
   6 South Auditorium  
   Oak Park Cloister Reserved
   Board Conference Room    Reserved
   Children’s Hospital – Acute Reserved
   Children’s Hospital – PICU Reserved
   Children’s Hospital – Pediatric Clinic Reserved
   Outdoor Dining    Reserved
   Physician Dining Reserved
   Pedestrian Concourse (1st Floor) Reserved
   Trauma Care Rooms (3) Reserved (1)
   Psychiatric Services  
   CT Imaging Rooms:
          Emergency Department (1)
          Imaging Center (2)
   Information Systems Center  
   NICU Patient Care Alcoves (3) Reserved (3)
   Selected Inpatient Units (16) Reserved (1)
   6 South Terrace  
$500 Thousand Donation  
   Auditorium Vestibule Reserved
   Bath Street Lobby Reserved
   Historical Museum / Benefactor Display Reserved
   Pueblo Street Garden Reserved
   West Garden Reserved
   Children’s Hospital – NICU Garden Reserved
   Restaurant / Cafeteria Dining Rooms (3) Reserved (1)
   Bicycle Pavilion  
   Rooftop Terraces (4) Reserved (1)
   Respiratory Care Reserved
   Courtyards (5) Reserved (4)
   Pedestrian Concourse (2nd Floor) Reserved
   Pedestrian Concourse (3rd Floor) Reserved
   Pediatric / Family Waiting Area  –
          Emergency / Trauma
   $250 Thousand Donation  
   Conference Center Rooms (A & B)    Reserved (2)
   Conference Center Courtyard Reserved
   6 South Conference Room Reserved 
   Ultrasound Room (2) Reserved (1)
   West Garden Bridge Reserved
   Main Lobby Fountain Reserved
   Radiology / Interventional Imaging (4 Rooms) Reserved (2)
   Surgical Suite (12 Operating Rooms) Reserved (3)
   Cardiac Catheterization (2 Procedure Rooms) Reserved (2)
   Cardiodiagnostics / Pulmonary /
          Neuro-diagnostics (4 Procedure Rooms)
Reserved (2)

   Endoscopy / GI Laboratory

          (3 Procedure Rooms)

Reserved (1)
   Medical Library – Distance Learning Room Reserved
   Medical Library – Reading Lounge Reserved
   Medical Library – Resource Center Reserved
   Labor and Delivery Operating Room (2) Reserved (1)
$200 Thousand Donation  
   Gift Shop Reserved
   Bath Street Terrace Reserved
   6 South Conference Lobby  
   Sacred Space Skylight Reserved
   Medical Staff Services  
$100 Thousand Donation  
   Administrative Conference Room Reserved
   Conference Center (Room C) Reserved
   Women's Services Conference Room  
   NICU Garden Pond Reserved
   Patient Pavilion III Visitor’s Garden Reserved

   Adult Critical Care (40 Patient Rooms)

Reserved (25)

   Labor and Delivery Birthing Rooms (12)

Reserved (7)
   Antepartum Room (6) Reserved (1)
   Labor and Delivery Surgical Recovery Room Reserved
   Auxiliary / Volunteer Department Reserved
   Cancer Center / Patient Pavilion Entryway III Reserved

   Courtyard Viewing Garden Area (8)

Reserved (8)
$50 Thousand Donation  
   Elevator Lobbies (9) Reserved (9)
   Family Waiting Rooms (15) Reserved (15)
   Pediatric Rooms / Emergency (2) Reserved (2)
   Women’s Rooms / Emergency (2) Reserved (2)
   Orthopedic Room / Emergency Reserved

   Medical / Surgical Units (192 Patient Rooms)

Reserved (13)
   Knapp Building Concourse Reserved
   Patient View Pergola Garden Reserved

   Patient and Visitor’s Walking Path

          Viewing Garden (6)

Reserved (6)
   Mother / Infant Care (29 Patient Rooms) Reserved (4)
   The Lactation Center  
   Employee Lactation Center  
   Medical Staff Conference Room Reserved
   Anesthesiology Workroom Reserved
$25 Thousand Donation  
    Kid’s Corners in waiting areas (2) Reserved (2)
    Spiritual Care Offices (3) Reserved (2)

   Post Anesthesia Care Unit

          (15 Patient Stations)

Reserved (7)

   Emergency / Trauma Center

          (29 Patient Treatment Stations)

Reserved (29)
   Day Hospital (25 Patient Stations) Reserved (4)
   Pediatrics – Acute (18 Patient Rooms) Reserved (18)
   Pediatrics – NICU  (22 Patient Stations) Reserved (22)
   Pediatrics – PICU (8 Patient Stations) Reserved (8)
   Psychiatry (20 Patient Rooms) Reserved (1)
   Nursing Stations (37)    Reserved (37)
   Medical Residency Lounge Reserved



Stewart & Louisa MacDougall
Eye Center

Knapp Building


$5 Million Donation  
   Eye Center Reserved
$500 Thousand Donation  
   Surgical Wing  
   Public Lobby  
   Laser Wing  
$250 Thousand Donation  
   Bath Street Garden Entryway Reserved
   Knapp Garden Reserved
   Operating Rooms (2) Reserved (1)
$100 Thousand Donation  
   Garden Entryway Reserved
$50 Thousand Donation  
   Reception / Consultation Area Reserved
   Pre-op/Post-op Area Reserved
$25 Thousand Donation  
   Admitting Area Reserved
   Instrument Processing Room
   Bath Street Vestibule Reserved
   Nurses Station Reserved
   Post-op Recovery Rooms (4) Reserved (1) 
   Quiet Room  
   Pediatric Play / Waiting Area Reserved