The Cottage Center for Weight-Loss Surgery
When Santa Barbara resident Heidi Crossman used to weigh more than 280 pounds, she had trouble doing simple things most people take for granted, like sitting down at the movie theater.

"I remember being at the movies one day with my daughter and sister, and I could barely fit into the seat," Heidi recalled." I was so embarrassed, hoping no one was watching me. I didn't want my daughter to feel embarrassed about me. I knew if I gained any more weight I would not be able to go to the theater any more.

Heidi faced many painful moments like this one while she was obese, hoping that other people would not notice her, even though she wore a size 24. She felt helpless as she tried every fad diet available to fight her food addiction, all without success.

Then Heidi found help through the Cottage Center for Weight-Loss Surgery at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Here, Dr. David Thoman and his staff worked closely with her to determine that she was a good candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

The results opened the door to a whole new life for Heidi. She left behind the physical health threats linked with obesity, such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and other ailments. Now 140 pounds lighter, she gained the joyful confidence that allowed her to pursue a more fulfilling career.

Gastric Bypass Surgery is the best thing I could have done in my life. I can breathe easily, I look better, I feel better, and I'm more productive, Heidi explained. I have a new life and everyone, including my daughter, is rooting for me. If I can lose 140 pounds I can do anything!


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