Cancer Committee


Since 1976, the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons has recognized Cottage's commitment to the treatment of cancer, accrediting Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital's Cancer Program for the quality of its services as a teaching hospital cancer program. We are very proud to be among the 25% of cancer programs in the United States that are ACOS-accredited.


Accreditation gives Cottage access to national cancer information and the ability to collect and compare the treatment results of Cottage patients with those of patients at other cancer centers. It also enables the hospital's cancer team members and staff physicans the ability to increase their knowledge of new diagnostic techniques and treatments of cancer and constantly improve the scope and quality of care offered to our patients.


The Cancer Committee, a multi-disciplinary board, is a standing committee established by the bylaws of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. It consists of representatives from medical and radiation oncology as well as other specialties, including pathology, diagnostic radiology, surgery,urology, gynecology, and pain management. Also on the committee are non-physician representatives from hospital administration, cancer data center, oncology nursing, quality improvement, and social services.


Objectives of the Cancer Committee

  • Offer leadership to ensure success in planning, initiating, and assessing all cancer-related activities at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.
  • Develop and evaluate the annual goals and objectives of the clinical, educational and programmatic activities related to cancer.
  • Ensure that an active supportive care system is in place for patients, families and staff.
  • Monitor quality management and improvement through completion of quality management studies that focus on quality, access to care, and outcomes.
  • Promote clinical research.
  • Perform quality control of registry data.
  • Organize, publicize, conduct, and evaluate regular educational and consultative cancer conferences that are multi-disciplinary and patient-oriented.

The mission of the CHS Cancer Committee is to provide a leadership role in ensuring a comprehensive continuum of cancer services to patients and their families through focusing on prevention, education, early detection and management of cancer. The Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons has accredited Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital as a community hospital comprehensive cancer program. The Cancer Committee is committed to the Commission’s standards of performance, quality improvement, cost-effective measures and a comprehensive, integrated approach with other healthcare practices.


Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital has brought together state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies, expertise, and a caring personal approach to patient care in an easily accessible setting. Providing our patients with the best care in an environment that responds to their emotional as well as physical needs, we are generating success rates that meet or exceed national standards.


The Cancer Committee is charged with several responsibilities, including promoting and coordinating educational conferences, providing a system for quality of care evaluation, and encouraging the medical staff to utilize the data collected in the Cancer Data Center.


2014 Cancer Committee Members


Physician Members

Mark Abate, MD

Medical Oncology

John Blaustein, MD



Michael Bordofsky, MD
Palliative Medicine

Rosa Choi, MD, FACS


Shane E. Cotter, MD

Radiation Oncology

Kim Grafton, MD
(Co-Chair & Cancer Liaison)

Daniel Greenfield, MD

Pediatric Oncology/Hematology

Daniel Greenwald, MD

Medical Oncology

(Cancer Conference Chair)

Frederic Kass, MD

Medical Oncology

Pamela Lee, MD


Ronald Latimer, MD


Hooman Rashidi, MD


J. Patrick Wheelock, MD

Diagnostic Radiology

Thomas Woliver, MD

Medical Oncology

Steven Young, MD

Internal Medicine



Professional Staff Members

Tegan Hannah, RN
Oncology Unit

Rosa Cosio, CTR
Cancer Data Center

Debra Collingwood

Director, Health Information Management

Dana Goba

Community Health Coordinator
Public Affairs

Karen Harper, RN
Quality Improvement

Kate Hanna

Healthcare Corporate Initiative Manager
American Cancer Society

Sam Howland

Patient Navigator
Cancer Center of Santa Barbara with Sansum Clinic

Josh Richo, LCSW
Clinical Social Services

Edmund M. Wroblewski, MD,

VP of Medical Affairs and CMO
Medical Staff Services